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Silk Brocade 5 Piece Cushion Cover Set -...

Price £15.65

Ethnic Indian Banaras silk cushion cover

Price £2.75

This Traditional style of Brocade Silk Cushion covers are from Banaras, India. Developed in Jaipur, these are stitched with remarkable craftsman ship & expertise.

Patchwork Cushion Covers - Set of 5

Price £12.58

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Viking Drinking Horn Mug

Price £16.24

Genuine high quality drinking Horn Mug from natural material. Made from authentic, ethically sourced ox horn.

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Wooden Hand Massager - Small

Price £2.70

This exquisitely carved small hand held wooden massager can be used to massage your hands & palms

Guitar Shaped Wooden Key Holder

Price £17.98

This Guitar shaped wooden key holder rack in a smooth polished finish will catch the eye of your visitors.