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Hand carved wooden Gift Items and collectibles like Letter Opener, Glasses Holder, Wooden Buddha sculpture, etc.

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Wooden Buddha Sculpture

Price £11.34

A stunning hand carved sculpture of Buddha wearing gossamer robes sitting on a magnificent blooming lotus flower base with 5 tiers of lotus petals

Wooden Specs Holder

Price £6.05

Nose shaped wooden specs holder

Carved Wooden Pen Holder

Price £9.80

Hand carved wooden pen holder with a floral design

Letter Opener - Wooden Elephant Carving

Price £2.40

Hand carved knife shaped wooden letter opener with a small elephant exquisitely carved on one end.

Letter Opener - Wooden Bird Carving

Price £3.98

Hand carved knife shaped wooden letter opener with a small birds exquisitely carved on one end.

Wooden Carved Letter Opener

Price £1.68

Wooden Letter opener with an intricate carving.

Wooden carved Key Chain

Price £1.98

Small Wooden hand carved elephant Key Chain

Wooden Money Box with Key Lock / Piggy Bank

Price £16.49

Exquisitely hand crafted wooden barrel shaped piggy bank money storage box with 2 brass accents.

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Hand Carved Wooden Elephant

Price £24.46

Hand carved wooden elephant with very intricate carving of peacocks on its body.

Snake Boat

Price £18.50

The miniature model of Snake Boat with rowers and brass embellishments is a popular handicraft product from the state of Kerala in India.

Vintage Pirate Style Extendable Telescope -...

Price £22.80

Vintage Pirate Style Telescope is a fully functional top quality reproduction of an antique brass spyglass telescope. It is 6" long extendable to 13" in length covered with a beautiful black leather. The telescope is inset with best quality optical Lenses to deliver an approx magnification of...