Rosewood Crochet Hooks - Set of 4

Set of 4 beautifully carved Single Pointed Crochet hooks set made from Indian Rose Wood. Each of the crochet hooks is 7 Inches (Approx. 18 cm) long.

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The carving, sanding and finishing of these hooks are done largely by hand. This ensures that they hook, release, slide and glide as the best hooks in their class.

Smooth and warm in the hand and beautiful looking too.

Set Contents : 4 Single Pointed Crochet Hooks  

  • 180 mm x 4 mm [G-6]  - 1   
  • 180 mm x 5 mm [H-8]  - 1  
  • 180 mm x 6 mm [J-10] - 1 
  • 180 mm x 8 mm [L-11] - 1 
*NOTE : All items are hand made using basic hand tools like chisels and drills. Due to it being hand crafted and by the nature of wood, wood grains and wood color may vary slightly with each product. The images shown are for a guidance only and the actual product you receive may vary slightly. Please bear this in mind while making your purchase.

Data sheet

Set of 4 Crochet Hooks
18 cm
Country of Origin
Wood Colour
Wood grain and color can vary slightly from the images
Indian Rosewood (Sheesham Wood)

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