Marble Tabletop Watch

Marble Tabletop Watch encased in beautiful minakari work

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This extremely beautiful decorative time piece features a circular clock within a gold encasing. Adorned with beads and minakari work is encased within a polished round marble.

The marble itself has very detailed work in the dazzling colors of red, golden and green which is further enhanced by the numerous beads.

Using natural stones, this watch stand adds a unique distinction that outshines products made of synthetic materials. Our skilled artisans have mastered the art of marble carving so each piece has it's own distinct character that is creative and unique.

This magnificent marble pen stand adorned will make a great gift for any desk at home or office.

Approximate Height (Inches)   : 2.5"

*NOTE: All items are hand made using basic hand tools like chisels, scrapers etc. The images shown are for a guidance only and the actual product you receive may vary slightly. Please bear this in mind while making your purchase.

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7 cm
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Polished Marble Stone

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