Lattice Style Carving – A Masterpiece in Indian Wood Carving Work

Lattice Style Carving – A Masterpiece in Indian Wood Carving Work

Handicrafts, as name implies, are products made by hand. These hand crafted products are made using different raw materials such as wood, marble, clay, metal, animal bones etc. The hand crafted products from India are very popular across the world for their richness and elegant beauty. Most of these products have high utilitarian value and are mostly used to decorate rooms and also as gifts to your friend and family. Wood has always been an inseparable part of human life, therefore hand crafted wooden artifacts are widely used in day o day life. To create these elegant hand crafted gift items, various wood carving techniques are employed. Within India different carving techniques have evolved based on the regions, its climate and culture.

Those wood carving techniques keep evolving over time. All these different techniques are unique in their styles. Some of these techniques have mastered the art of creating maginificient wooden crafts. These crafts are widely used for decoration purpose. Such crafts have huge demands in international market. Among these crafts, wooden elephants are always being popular. These elephants have wonderful carvings which reflect skills of Indian craftsmen. Since elephant potrays a royal look and is a symbol of magnificence, therefore wooden elephant are always popular for gifting purpose. There are different and varied styles of these elephants figurines found in Indian market and one with fine undercut work is very popular these days.

This wooden elephant has fine undercut wood carving. This elephant figurine is produced by skilled craftsmen. The fine lattice carvingl gives an exotic royal touch to your living room. Its distinct design and shape make everyone go amazed. These elephant figurines are available in multiple sizess. This elephant is a masterpiece in wood carving. You can place this as a centre piece in your showcase, or on an office desk or as a perfect anniversary wooden gift

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