Dominoes Box Set - Double Six

Standard 28 pieces dominoes set and 5 dices made from high quality Indian Rosewood, in a decorative wooden storage box with fine brass inlay.

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This double six domino pack includes 28 dominoes tiles and 5 dices in hand crafted wooden storage box made from high quality Indian Rosewood.

The finely crafted wooden storage box features an inlaid brass dice,  ace and two domino pieces with brass inlay on the box edges. The sturdy wooden build of each domino tile feature inlaid brass dots and lines. Sturdy and strong, the dominoes can be lined up, stacked and matched again and again without suffering wear and tear.

These blocks are numbered on a standard system, marked blank or with 1-6 recessed metal inlay dots on both ends as is typical in a classic double-six table game. The box interior can even  be rearranged to hold 2 sets of cards.

Suitable for fun nights or for leisure time this card box makes for a thoughtful gift for card lovers and friends. It would be a gift or a collector's item worth cherishing for the rest of your life. Its vintage and antique look makes it even more special.

Box Contents :

  • 28 Domino pieces 
  • 5 Big Dices

Box Dimensions :Width  : 18 cm (7 Inches)Depth  : 12.5 cm (5 Inches)Height : 5 cm (2 Inches) Weight : 500 Grams

*NOTE : All items are hand made using basic hand tools like chisels, scrapers, drills etc. Due to it being hand crafted and by the very nature of wood, wood grains and wood colour may vary slightly with each product. The images shown are for a guidance only and the actual product you receive may vary slightly. Please bear this in mind while making your purchase.

Data sheet

5 cm
28 Domino pieces & 5 dices in decorative box
18 cm
12.5 cm
Country of Origin
Wood Colour
Wood grain and color can vary slightly from the images
Indian Rosewood (Sheesham Wood)

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